Turn That Up Son!

by Tarik Sabar

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1. Mighty High

The elements of this beat came from the very first vinyl record that I bought nearly 15 years ago. It feels really good to go back and hear the original songs differently and conjure up new, artsy ideas that I was not "tuned into" previously.

2. I Seize You

I wanted to make a rap-able beat with an old '60s vocal as the hook. After many, many hours of experimenting, "I Seize You" is what ultimately satisfied me. It was from a record that I went through and passed on a few times while experimenting, until finally my ear grasped the sound just right.

3. Cabana

When I heard the sampled section of the original jazz tune, I hoped that, with a few minor arrangments, this would be no less funky as a beat. Turns out, I was not disappointed!

4. To Keep Me Warm

You know those days when you only have a dollar or two of cash left? I was having one of those days, and I made it my mission to take that dollar to the thrift store and buy a record album for the sole purpose of making a beat. The album that I sampled here looked like it had potential, so I bought it, went straight home and started working.

5. Can You See?

I kept every element of this beat mellow, from the bassline down to the airy vocal sample.

6. Squishy

A swingy beat, a sampling of just the piano and drums. Synonymous with jazz music, the beat's off of time a bit to excite the brain a little.
I like to think that the brain compares heard rhythms to the vibrations of the beating heart---rate, time and consistency.

7. A Day At The Ice Rink

"A Night At The Ice Rink" is the title of a beat I made a lot of years ago; I always loved the featured sample, with Herbie Hancock at the keyboards, so one day I dug up the same record and made this, "A Day At The Ice Rink", a revision of sorts.

8. Wake-Up Jazz

This beat puts bright samples in the spotlight. The combination of flutes, strings and vibes makes for a sunny, good-morning feeling.

9. Hmm

Basic chops on this one. Sometimes the popping in the vinyl works with the rhythm instead of defying it; this was one of those blessed occasions.

10. What We Need

A straight hip-hop beat with a recurring vocal sample. I tossed in a few of James Brown's fellas for the hook.

11. Syn City

The sample was lifted from an electronic tune called "Chateau" by the band Synergy. I slowed down a passage and then mixed up the phrases creating an otherworldly melody, keeping very few traces of the original intention.

12. Jaisun

I made this beat apart from the others-- in a different work mode, if you will, a few months before the other beats in this collection. The title comes from the name of the artist from which I lifted the filtered bass melody and voice. I incorporated a couple of piano chords and synth patches to add some zest.


released 30 August 2014

Beats by Tarik Sabar



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